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The New Moon has been confirmed for September 25th, starting the 7th scriptural month and the Feast of Trumpets.
New Moon report status for North American Continent: Confirmed
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Confirmed Sightings:
Deacon Terry and Lisa ONealGeorgia
Randy Dimmett and FamilyMissouri
Kelly and Shane BeasleyAlabama
Anna GirdnerTennessee
Hector Castillo (4 observers)Illinois
Anita Powell (2 observers)Oregon
Bethe Boone Hargest (3 observers)Kentucky
Gary and Stacy MansagerTexas
David EspositoFlorida
Mike, Jenna, and Josy ComfortTexas
YRM USA uses only US sightings to set Feast gatherings in the US, YRM Feast gatherings in other countries use the moon in their location. See why this is scriptural >>

New Moon over Holts Summit, MO.

Visibility of new moon on October 24th, 2014. May be visible in the Southern US under perfect conditions. Otherwise should be easily seen in US on 10/25.

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Upcoming New Moon Dates
October 24th, 2014May be visible in the Southern US under perfect conditions. Otherwise should be easily seen in US on 10/25.
November 23rd, 2014Should be easily visible in North America on 11/23.
December 22nd, 2014Should be easily visible in most of the US, and in North-East US under perfect conditions on 12/22.

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We need two credible witnesses to confirm a New Moon (small sliver) sighting, sighted first by the naked eye or with corrective lenses.

If you believe in the conjunction, full moon or in lunar Sabbaths please don't bother filling out this form, your reports will not be posted.
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Please provide a description of the aspect of the moon (the way it was shaped). This helps us and other brethren across the country validate your sighting. Once confirmed, your sighting will be posted below. Your contact information will remain private.

Yes, I understand that my report can affect people's worship and I answered the above questions truthfully!

Call: 573-896-1000 with questions or to report by phone.

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